Does your Personality Match your Jewellery?

Finding jewellery to match your personality

Jewellery is an excellent tool to reflect the layers of personality that make you special! Whether it’s quirky pendant necklaces, exuberant earrings, elegant bracelets or delicate rings, our unique handmade jewellery pieces will reveal your character and demonstrate your individuality in a way nothing else can! All personality types are beautiful, and our artisan handmade jewellery pieces have something for everyone.

Fun costume jewellery such as big hoop earrings, statement necklaces or extravagant rings can reflect your cheerful and sunny disposition and show just how much others enjoy spending time with you. Having an unusual sense of taste or being open to a variety of trends and styles are excellent qualities to have, and the items available on our online jewellery shop are perfect for showcasing these exciting sides to you!

If you’re the life and soul of the party, then you might want to browse our bold multi-coloured gemstone pieces. Including a huge variety of exuberant organic materials in our handmade jewellery shop can help you add that special something to your outfits.

While some people are drawn to an eclectic mix of colours and styles, others prefer colour-coordinated jewellery to match their organised personality. For some, simple jewellery designs can reflect their own skills and impressive character traits. Matching gold-plated necklaces and earrings, for instance, can add an elegant simplicity and dignified professionalism.

Another type of jewellery that speaks to some personality types is natural, earthy jewellery. At Elka London we prize many organic elements such as sustainable materials, shell jewellery and recycled components. Incorporating earth tones like blue and green, as well as prizing natural materials from sustainable sources such as mother-of-pearl and pearl jewellery, contributes to a unique and wholesome aesthetic.

Whatever your style and personality, our unique handmade jewellery is brimming with character. We can’t wait for you to find your style with us.

By Jake Goldman