Elka London Camily Collection

The jewellery featured in our Camily collection is bursting with colour. From the emerald green of amazonite, jade and peridot to the dainty pink of rose quartz and rhodonite, these refreshing coloured gems sit alongside creamy, smooth pearls and moonstone to bring about balance and harmony in the hand-crafted items.

Our Camily jewellery never compromises on sustainability or quality. Moonstone is introduced into the designs to provide a calming addition to the creative and artisanal earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. The history of jewellery is full of beguiling uses of moonstone. Its most prominent associations, however, are with the Art Nouveau era and the Arts and Crafts Movement, during which time popular artisans such as René Lalique prized natural stones which emanate mysticism.

Optically, a dazzling phenomenon known as adularescence grants moonstone its signature glowing sheen, diffusing light and allowing for a soft bounce around the stone. Like other organic materials, moonstone can be carved into unique shapes full of character using age-old skill and expertise, aided by the soft opaqueness of the stone. A popular shape of moonstone cabochons is, appropriately, the ‘man in the moon face’ introduced to jewellery-making in ancient times.

At Elka London we believe that jewellery should be ethical, sustainable and beautiful. Moonstone is certainly no exception to this credo.

By Jake Goldman