Ethical and Handmade Jewellery for the Summer

Jewellery shops, and particularly our unique handmade jewellery collections, cater to a variety of styles and genres at all times of the year. The costume jewellery which puts a spring in your step in the winter may differ from items that make you feel good in spring and summer. In all weathers, ethical jewellery can make any outfit shine.

So what is ‘summer jewellery’?

Bright colours and vibrant hues are characteristic of much summer jewellery. Think elaborate multi-coloured patterns, light materials and natural components. Gorgeous gemstones that dazzle with every colour of the rainbow are often used. Yet, you are also more likely to see unconventional or creative additions during the summertime. Our artisan collections contain an array of natural and organic summer materials such as seashells and pearls. The nature-inspired patterns are often highly geometric to reflect the gorgeous sunshine and the freedom of summer. Organic jewellery is also perfect for this time of year, and our ethical jewellery can be worn with pride. Meanwhile, with less wrapping up to do, summer is the perfect time to show off those hoop earrings and large handmade costume jewellery pieces.

A lot of the time, the things we choose to wear can be highly seasonal. In terms of clothing, you might think of shorts, summer dresses or bright Hawaiian shirts in the warm months, but feel drawn to mammoth woolly jumpers in the winter. In the same way, wearing unique handmade jewellery which matches the weather outside can fit your mood perfectly. With our bespoke ethical jewellery collections at Elka London, there is something for every season.

By Jake Goldman