Eye of the Tiger

The diverse jewellery collections at Elka London range from elegant monochrome jewellery pieces to an eclectic cocktail of style and colour. This means that not only can you find something for everyone amongst our jewellery, but there is jewellery for every mood, feeling and daily style!

One charming collection, Tamara, features a huge range of materials and design elements, spanning a colour continuum from white through pink and on to purple and brown. These complimentary hues are all set against a beautiful gold base, displaying a dazzling array of circles, spirals and swirls.

This jewellery collection achieves a stunning organic, marine look through its masterful incorporation of umbonium moniliferum, echininus cumingi and sundial shells, as well as pearls. Added to this, ‘tiger eye’ is a rich, honey-brown gemstone that contributes greatly to the aesthetic appeal of the Tamara jewellery collection.

In-keeping with the feline theme, tiger eye displays a ‘cat’s eye’ (‘chatoyancy’) in reflecting incident light, emphasising its deep amber-to-brown colour. Historically, tiger eye cabochons have been very popular as ring stones, in cufflinks, and cut into beads for necklaces and earrings. Pairing well with picture jasper in the Tamara collection, tiger eye resembles many of the material properties of its grey-blue cousin ‘hawk’s eye.’  We especially love the warm browns, pinks and ambers of tiger eye jewellery and our Tamara collection!

by Jake Goldman