Gemstones used in our Becky and Camily Collections

In our spring/summer2021 collections we use many new and innovative semi-precious stones. Alongside traditional materials of great beauty and prestige, including moonstone, Swarovski and pearl, new gems enrich the jewellery and give it fresh life. This ethical, hand-made jewellery incorporates diverse elements to bring out a huge range of aesthetic potential.

Green aventurine is known as a healing, relaxing mineral. It features in the collections alongside amazonite, which is also green. The highest-quality amazonite is shown by its vitreous (glass-like) lustre which appears bright and shiny. Meanwhile, Tibetan turquoise is also unique, forged in the extreme underground landscape of the Himalayas. As a result, this rare gem has a beguiling green hue, while most other turquoise stones skew towards blue. Tibetan turquoise is known locally as the ‘sky stone’ brought from the heavens, being used as an amulet for over three thousand years.

While these attractive gemstones show new and exciting contributions to jewellery, they also draw on ancient artisan traditions to recreate lost styles and fashions. Garnet, which is also found in the collections, was a highly sought after gem in the ancient world. Its use in Anglo-Saxon England in the cloisonné technique of jewellery-making saw it shipped as far as China. Repurposing garnet in beautiful handmade jewellery today is a great homage to this legacy.

Sustainable, earth-friendly components such as vegetal fibres also give the jewellery a rustic feel which looks stunning with the artisan designs. Combining old and new into beautiful pieces makes these collections extremely desirable.

by Jake Goldman