Getting to know… Pearl and Mother of Pearl!

Pearl necklaces have always been the gold standard of the marine gemstone world. In recent years, designs incorporating freshwater pearls have allowed many more women to acquire the pearl gemstone look of Princess Diana or Jackie Kennedy at a more affordable price. Many also opt for mother of pearl, a stunning and more cost-effective alternative derived from the same substance (nacre) and often used in creating a boho-chic aesthetic. While they are different, both pearl and mother of pearl have long been revered in jewellery production around the world, to the extent that there is no artificial substitute for nacre.

As the iridescent inner lining of some oysters, freshwater mussels, and abalone, mother of pearl gives out a beguiling shine when it reflects light. It has been prized for its beauty and resilience, being used extensively throughout history including in ancient Egypt, Ming-dynasty China and among Native American tribes.

Mother of pearl is lined with the same material which can develop inside some oysters and mussels, over the course of years and under certain biological conditions, to produce rare natural pearls. Some pearls are also cultivated (known as ‘cultured’ pearls), although this is a lengthy and skilful process. Many of our items feature both pearl and mother of pearl, including in the Abelha, Ines, Marta, Céleste, Camily, Tamara and Tiwa collections.

We tap into the elegant appeal of organic pearl and mother of pearl jewellery, sourced from sustainable farms, to showcase the best designs available today. Combing the timeless grace of the pearl look with the innovative creativity afforded by mother of pearl, every woman deserves to have her moment with these glamorous accessories, now within reach of us all.

By Jake Goldman