Handcrafting Jewellery with Different Metals

Our unique handmade jewellery collections incorporate a number of gold-plated and silver-plated jewellery pieces. Often, our items use brass and copper as a base material, since these metals are highly versatile and aesthetically beautiful. Brass and copper jewellery also allows us to bring you the very best quality jewellery items through our jewellery shop in an affordable and sustainable way.

Copper jewellery has existed for at least 7000 years. Some of the most prominent examples of copper jewellery from history include hair ornaments from Mesopotamia and gold-plated earrings from Greece.

Over the last four centuries, jewellery making has only expanded. Utilising traditional forms and styles, designers have brought in more semi-precious gemstones and introduced new and innovative materials including lab-grown diamonds, glass jewellery and more.

Unique necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in a variety of shapes and sizes are very popular today. Some recent fashion trends include: stacking rings, chandelier earrings, oversized cuffs, cuff earrings, cartilage jewellery, mixed metals jewellery, bright-chunky rings, statement necklaces, glam chokers, animal-themed jewellery and more.

It has become increasingly popular to layer small pendants and charms for a delightful effect and full aesthetic. Wire wrapped jewellery is also extremely desirable. Overall, jewellery shops are the perfect place to find items that call out to you, and to explore the unique handmade jewellery that pays homage to age-old traditions.

Jake Goldman