Jewellery over the Millennia

In ancient times, particular coloured semi-precious gemstones adopted individual symbolic meanings in handmade jewellery. Green gems such as emerald and garnet, for instance, came to represent fertility, reflecting the abundance of nature and maintenance of the environment. The ancient Egyptians imported huge quantities of silver and lapis lazuli, both regarded as regal and impressive materials, since these were not found in the country, to forge unique handmade jewellery.

Over the millennia, jewellery has been used to signify wealth and royalty, and also as a vital component in the bartering of goods. As jewellery-making techniques have become refined and artful, jewellery has taken on celebrated and special place for billions of people today through jewellery shops and exclusive brands. At the same time, we believe that high-quality costume jewellery and fashion jewellery items should be affordable and available to all, without breaking the bank.

Our organic, unique handmade jewellery encompasses a huge array of jewellery styles and traditions harking back to the earliest humans who produced beautiful ornaments. These include pearl jewellery, shell jewellery, glass jewellery, semi-precious stones, gold-plated and silver-plated items, and much more.

by Jake Goldman