Looking after our materials

Our gold-plated and silver-plated jewellery meets and exceeds the highest standards of quality assurance. This gives you peace of mind that the very best practices have been upheld to deliver luxury handmade jewellery to your door. The gold-plated items are finished with beautiful 23-carat gilding which is produced on top of a durable white bronze grip. For a silver-plated finish, our components receive a deposit of a minimum 5 microns thick, or 7 microns for rings and bracelets. The silver used, known as ‘925’, also goes by the name sterling silver, and is prized for being stylish, safe and hypoallergenic. For these reasons, it is one of the most reliable materials around.

Voluntary oxidisation, a vital element of the production process for our silver-plated jewellery, also provides an elegant antique effect. The jewellery is then barrelled using abrasive ceramic to create an artisanal finish. As well as many being given a protective layer of copper grip which allows for a stunning plated finish, some of our brass components are placed straight into an oxidisation solution to generate a rustic appeal. All of the brass used is in compliance with European REACH standards, and much is processed in-house through lost-wax casting to obtain thinner, rigid pieces which allow for precise attention to detail. By looking after our materials we bring our stunning jewellery designs to life in the way they deserve. 

By Jake Goldman