What Trendy Jewellery is in the Shops

Spring jewellery shops

Spring is the season of new beginnings. At Elka London’s online jewellery shop you will find ethical jewellery and costume jewellery pieces that will suit everyone! Preparing for the exuberance and excitement of summer, this is the perfect time to brighten up dark outfits and introduce lots more colour into our lives.

Wearing ethical handmade jewellery can lift your mood. Whether you want to reinvigorate your style as pubs and terraces reopen, or simply want to look your best for those zoom calls or at-home days, we are confident you will find something that calls out to you in our unique handmade jewellery collections.

Wearing your birthstone or an organic gemstone of similar colour will complement the changing moods of the new season. In our organic handmade jewellery collections, you will find reddish garnet (January), blue aquamarine (March), lustrous pearl (June), green peridot (August) and blue turquoise (December), and much more! Our jewellery shop stocks exclusive costume jewellery pieces from Dganit Hen and Franck Herval, and we are so excited to introduce you to some unique handmade jewellery perfect from spring, summer and beyond.

Don’t worry if you love a stone or piece of jewellery that doesn’t feature your birthstone, a bit like crystals, you’re often drawn to a piece of jewellery or semi-precious stone that is right for you even if it isn’t your birthstone. It might be because the quality of the stone and the healing or spiritual property of the stone is what your body needs at that time. Often there’s a reason that you are drawn to a piece of jewellery which features semi-precious stones but at the time it isn’t apparent why.