It’s a fact, women love jewellery! With our selection of jewellery, you can make wearing it fun and memorable.  Choose a piece of silver or costume jewellery for yourself or buy some jewellery as a gift for a friend or loved one. Everyone loves to be surprised with some jewellery!

We have gathered a few helpful tips to make it easier to choose the ideal pieces:

What jewellery to buy?

Consider who you are buying for – do they prefer studs or drop earrings, or do they like bracelets and bangles? Do they wear chain bracelets, or are they keen on expanding their necklace and pendant collection? Budget is also a factor when considering what jewellery to buy; earrings and smaller items will obviously be cheaper.


Are you attracted to clean, contemporary jewellery pieces, or would a classic design be more appropriate? Do you prefer large statement pieces or smaller delicate ones? Silver jewellery or gold jewellery?


Consider whether you want to shop ‘on-trend’ colours. Hair and skin colour can also affect your choices: blonde hair and blue eyes look great with turquoise or pale blue topaz, for example, while dark hair perfectly offsets jewellery with garnet or peridot. Rose quartz, is tremendous against darker complexions and silver jewellery is elegant and timeless.


Birthstone or stone properties are great ways of personalising a gift; each has its own astronomical meaning;

Moonstone jewellery is good for those embarking on a trip, as it is said to provide protection whilst travelling, whilst Labradorite jewellery is good for those in education, as it aids concentration. Lapis jewellery brings harmony in relationships, while malachite jewellery aids sleep.