Sustainability in Jewellery

Recent years have seen a massive increase in the appetite for sustainable products. Consumers and creators are more aware than ever of their environmental and ecological footprints. From sourcing materials in a responsible way to ensuring ethics are upheld in the workshop and shop floor, this is the start of a bright new future.

The 2020 Ethical Consumer Markets Report revealed a record-breaking £98bn yearly ethical spending in the UK. This is only set to continue while we look to reduce energy consumption, cycle more and support local and small businesses as we emerge from Covid-19. Sustainable jewellery is hugely desirable today.

Many new pieces brimming with character are made from recycled metals and gems, reducing harmful toxins which would be released if these materials were to be thrown away. Even better, the quality of products is not sacrificed at all during this process! Brands that create ethical jewellery can have a positive impact on the world.

Investment in lab-grown diamonds, natural ingredients and full use of off-cuts show an important environmental conscience which is vital in protecting our forests and resources. Meanwhile, certifications such as Fairtrade and adherence to the UN’s Kimberley Process on diamonds also encourage responsible behaviour towards people and the environment. In cases where materials are still being sourced from the ground, many producers are taking proactive steps to maintain ethical practices.

Many brands are fighting to protect workers or minimise waste around mining and are giving back to the communities involved in the production process. Supply chain transparency is also important to ensure mindful spending and traceability in preventing conflict. By working with small-scale mines and artisan makers, brands can safeguard ethical working conditions and promote organic, natural materials, fulfilling a duty to support those who work at every level of the supply chain. This gives a solid foundation to high-quality, sustainable jewellery that you can wear with pride. 

At Elka London we only sell ethical jewellery.

by Jake Goldman