Sustainable Materials

Our high-quality, sustainable materials are structured by organic minerals with complex chemical makeups. Gems such as turquoise, lapis-lazuli and garnet are just some of the charming stones that stand out in our collections, adding colour to the accessories you wear and bringing out your own unique personality and taste.

What appears as a striking and bold uniform hue in any given stone is actually a result of the reflection of light towards our eyes in relation to the atomic structure of the material. The colour absorbed by the components will be the colour they appear to us as they reflect the rest of the light spectrum. Therefore, due to its high concentration of iron, the gemstone peridot will reflect all other colours and appear green in our Camily collection. At times, one-in-a-million replacements of individual atoms (known as ‘impurities’) can introduce beautiful changes to the appearance of a gem, or even alter its colour altogether!

Other components which feature in our appealing designs include metals, ceramics, resin, glass and crystal. These all reflect light in exciting and beautiful ways. Glass bead-making is one of the oldest human arts, and its shiny results enrich our jewellery considerably. Meanwhile, shells, which are left by sea molluscs and derive from calcium carbonate, are also dazzling in their aesthetic intricacy. The possibilities are endless in finding the materials that match you, each with its own microscopic and aesthetic nature. Every item has an individual story to tell.

By Jake Goldman